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Welcome to the Professor Grunschnabel Spring Special Page!

Spring is finally here in the Netherlands... but it's not a year like any other, for most of us.

We are reeling from the changes in our lives, maybe you are too.

Well... it is nice if you can rely on some things to stay the same. For example we will continue to bring you the purest plant-based ice 'cream' from our FSSC22000 certified factory in Alkmaar, which we will as always deliver with the greatest care.
We are always extremely strict about hygiene, this comes with our territory as ice cream maker. And now we are even more strict than usual.

Unlike many of you, we cannot work at home, because that simply is not how our product can be made. But we are deeply sympathetic to all of you who are home-bound for now, or worse, who are feeling ill.
And so, we would like to offer you a little tiny bit of extra happiness and joy... a 20% discount on all our frozen flavours in 500ml packs from now until June 1, 2020. AND: if you send us a picture of your ice cream moment or a cool photo of your dessert, we will increase the discount to 30%. We will transfer this into your bank account.

All you need to do is to fill out the form below.

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